Judah1 claims to be the first Christian airline.

02 Jan 2019


Judah 1, a company that started by transporting missionaries around the world, has announced it’s expanding to become the world’s first Christian airline.

With the slogan ‘God’s love, our wings’, the airline has made it its mission to spread the message of the Lord to billions of people, via flight.

Everett Aaron, Judah 1’s president, said the vision for the company came to him while he was praying at his local airfield and breathing in jet fuel fumes.

The airline will be based at North Texas Regional Airport, which is undergoing an upgrade so it can provide the necessary safety and security requirements.

Judah 1 will operate a 27 year-old McDonnell Douglas MD-80 that can carry 140 passengers.

It has promised its airfares will be competitive, with the aim to save missionaries millions of dollars.

At this stage, there are no plans to expand the airline internationally.

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