Hypersonic jet could slash flight time from Sydney to London to four hours

01 Oct 2019


Travelers could fly from Britain to Australia in just four hours by the 2030s in an aircraft powered by a hypersonic engine being developed in Britain.

Reaction Engines, based in Oxfordshire, are building a hybrid hydrogen air-breathing rocket that will propel a plane at Mach 5.4 – more than twice the speed of Concorde – and Mach 25 in space.

The Sabre engine will slash flight times between London and New York to just an hour – with the hydrogen/oxygen engine far greener and cheaper than current air travel.

The team is running trials on the ground in Denver, Colorado, and hopes to begin test flights in the mid-2020s, before running commercial flights in the 2030s. The Government has invested $US60 million ($88 million) in the project, an amount matched by Rolls-Royce, BA systems, and Boeing.

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